Frequently Asked Questions

We solve the most frequent doubts

It is a virtual community ecosystem made up of all those consumers and generators who are willing to contribute with their energy flexibility to create a more sustainable world, actively participating in the energy transition.

The Flex Community makes consumers more energy efficient by:

  • Reducing energy losses. Our Stemy devices help to reduce losses by optimising energy technologies.
  • Maximising the use of renewables. This means that we synchronise consumption with renewable energy generation close to consumers.
  • Reducing consumption peaks. We manage to reduce consumption peaks by managing energy technologies more efficiently.

By reducing consumption, we manage to increase the energy efficiency of consumers. In addition, we consume when energy is cheapest, also helping to reduce the bill.

The electricity system must be kept in balance, i.e. generation must always be equal to demand to avoid damage and blackouts in the grid.

The need to keep the electricity system in balance poses a challenge with the increase in renewable energy generation. This type of generation is not flexible and is less predictable (we cannot control when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing), so balancing now also depends on energy consumption.

In this context, energy flexibility means that consumption can be adapted to changes in generation to keep the electricity system stable.

We aggregate consumers and create a large virtual generation plant that participates in electricity markets (just like traditional generation plants, but without using fuels - the "fuel" is now the consumers). When the electricity system needs generation, the virtual plant stops consuming (generating and stop consuming are the same to maintain the balance of the system) and, when the electricity system needs to stop generating, the virtual plant starts consuming.

In this way, we democratise the management of energy, which goes from being in the hands of a few power plants to being in the hands of all consumers.

Connecting consumers' energy technologies to the Flex Community, which sometimes requires the installation of Stemy or third party equipment.

We make sure that we protect consumers' privacy, do not compromise their needs, ensure the safety of our equipment and manage the installations so that they do not have to worry about anything.

ReDREAM is an European research project, funded by EU Horizon 2020, that aims to revolutionise the energy market and put the consumer at the centre.

The project wants to empower consumers – households and industry – by putting them at the heart of an all new co-creative ecosystem. To achieve this, it brings together 15 partners from 8 European countries that come from research, science, industry, communication as well as economic and legal consulting.

Together, ReDREAM will be developed and made ready for the market by the end of 2023.